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måndag 6 april 2015

Thank you Mum and Dad!!!

Hi Friends
I live in Sweden with my family, My hubby and two boys and a big dog
I work as a guitarteacher and I love my work
I have always been intrested in drawing and colouring..My father is an artist so I think thats the reason, when I was little girl I was drawing all the time..

Magical time with him and of course my mother as well
My mother has her own blog so you can check her creations here

I always get a lot of support from them and Im so happy for that!!


Today my father is sick so he doesnt do any paintings anymore.
Im so Sorry that he is sick and I wish that  it was something I could do so he was feeling better..
He has learned me the things I can about colouring 
- and still I show him what Im doing, even if I 42 years old :0)))

When The kids came I did not make any creations so I had a break for almost 15 years..About 3 years ago I started little again and It was so Fun And I feelt the hapiness !!!  

Today Im most of the time since 3 years,  colour with copic markers and I really love them!!

I draw a little to the creations I colour and often I do my own backgrounds to the image..
Its so great to relax with a little time with colouring wvery day

Heres some drawings I have done when I was younger:0))
        The first one I did when I was 12 years maybe...
We always get some new drawing pads in christmas gift and it was always so fun to start drawing in a new pads :0))        

Today I most of the time use my Copics, but sometimes a use acrylics and an ordinarie pen..

Have a lovely day my Friends!!

HUGS and thank you for Visit!!!

Cicci With the Pen

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